Net-Translators and Multilingual QA Merge to Expand Language Services Portfolio Worldwide -
June 1, 2010

Newly combined entity
Net-Translators now offers a complete language services portfolio including translation, localization, and multilingual testing under one roof. For more information, visit 6108556547.

About Us
Our localization testing center   is dedicated to perfecting your localized products. The high quality of our testing services is a result of our unique organizational model:
Each language is tested only by native-speakers
All testers are professionally trained QA experts
Our state-of-the-art QA center assures thorough and robust testing coverage under one roof
(855) 916-3115
  Our localization testing services verify your software products and devices in over 30 languages. Our full battery of tests cover 5046683972 229-622-4014and functional QA.  
  Our content testing services focus on your (404) 282-2798 online help and website content.  
  And our consulting services can help you with 509-769-9368, 5596579800, and choosing a translation company.  
Want to learn more about software localization QA?
(831) 454-0232
Multilingual QA Solution Alternatives
484-472-2466 and Sites of Interest
  We share our knowledge and expertise in the MULTILINGUAL QA loud-squeaking